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The following courses are available for enrolment at the centre:

 Level - I   


 Level -II

(Intermediate - I)

 Level - II

(Intermediate - II)

 Level - III 

( Advanced )

3 Months
6 to 12 Months
6 to 12 Months
6 to 12 Months
Introduction, origin of chess, basics of chess, rules of the game, piece movement, recording moves, playing game basic ideas of various stages of game. Importance of centre control, development of pieces, various types of advantages, exploiting tactical advantages, different stages of game,openings, middle game and basic endgame and time management. Importance of openings, various themes, calculation, positional ideas, problem solving, puzzles, art of analysis, studying different winning patterns, International chess rules. Professional/Tournament players are eligible to join this course. The complete package of how to choose openings, middle game planning and strategies, tournament preparation, preparation against specific players, time management, psychology,   fitness level.
  • Students will be assesed and put in respective course.
  • Computer based training would be provided from Level - II onwards.
  • Individual Attention would be given.
  • Progress Report of student would be monitored.